Pokemon X ROM & Pokemon Y ROM – Download Bundle

Pokemon X & Y ROM – Download

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Pokemon X And Y ROM


A lot of people consider Pokemon an amazing RPG series, and they just love this game. X AND Y is the latest version of this famous RPG series, and we will give you details about this amazing game. So read on to find out more about the new features of this outstanding series.

Faster and Smarter

POKEMON X/Y is better, faster, and smarter than its predecessors. However, you will find a lot of 3D and social features, and this will make you fall in love with this amazing game. Even though this RPG series has 15 years of existence, you will find out that this game is just awesome. You will have all the tools that you might need to have fun in this 35-hour adventure that is taking the RPG world by storm. In addition, anyone within the important range of Wi-Fi will have fun with this game.

A Huge Market

POKEMON X AND Y has been designed to delight adults and children alike, and that´s great. You can become a knowledgeable trainer if you play POKEMON X & Y. The elemental-based combat is truly deep, and you will manage to dominate every part of the game quite easily. Since the opening has a fast pace, you will have more fun than in the previous version of the game. In addition, you will be able to choose from a wide array of pokemon that come from different generations.

Pokemon X And Y

More Action

You do not have to fumble around or sit in any lobby, as you will spend a lot of time having fun. If you have been waiting for a truly 3D Pokemon game, you do not have to wait anymore. Moreover, the art direction of the many characters that comprise this game is just awesome. For instance, Charizard will allow you to take this game to a whole new level, as this character´s look is just awesome. Since Charizard don´t have a 2D look anymore, you will see amazing beauty right away in this character. You will see that Mega Lucario has a new visual edge that makes him look ferocious at all times, and that´s great.

Outstanding Mix

POKEMON X + Y is truly a mix of old and new features of this RPG series, and that´s great too. Remember X & Y is a pretty, strong, and big game. You have not seen anything like these games in your life, and that´s not an exaggeration at all. So you should be prepared to have tons of fun with this game right away, and its 3D features are just out of this world. This is the regeneration of Pokemon that you have been waiting for.

As you can see, these versions are not just another RPG series out there, as this game has outstanding, unique 3D features that you will fall in love with. You will not have time to be bored, as the POKEMON X AND Y is full of action from the very beginning. So what are you waiting for? Put your hands on this game and have fun now.

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